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NYKO 87156 Nintendo Wii U(R) UBoost (White)

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NYKO 87156 Nintendo Wii U(R) UBoost (White) - Wii U Power Accessories -

Easily recharges using the existing GamePad(TM) AC adapter or can be charged on 1st-party charge stand Charge indicator light shows when the unit is fully charged Built-in pop-out stand is perfect for watching movies or hands-free use Stand has several adjustable viewing angles Easily snaps onto the back of the controller & screws into place No complex GamePad(TM) aesthetic & will not block any buttons or ports Rechargeable Li-Poly battery pack provides 2x the play time than the GamePad(TM) alone White NYKO 87156 Nintendo Wii U(R) UBoost (White)

Manufacturer - NYKO

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