Pineapple Fruit Puree

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Pineapples are large tropical fruits with a lot of sweetness and complex flavors. Use this puree in sweet mousses and sorbets or in savory salad dressings and marinades for whatever you’re planning to grill.

Pineapples aren’t necessarily hard to come by but since they continue to ripen even off the vine, it can be hard to catch them at the right stage of development. To make sure you are always using perfectly ripened pineapple fruits, try our frozen pineapple puree that uses only the best fruit available.

Use your pineapple puree in countless ways. Sorbets will be so much easier once the hardest part of harvesting the fruit juice and pulp is already done for you. This puree also makes the perfect flavoring for a mousse or soufflé. Your friends will be impressed by your pairing of a sophisticated dessert with a fun and unexpected flavor.

Pineapple grills really well, so try incorporating some pineapple puree into a marinade for your barbequed chicken dinner. The sugars caramelize and the fruity flavors intensify, coating your chicken with a layer of delicious tastes and textures that expl

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