Pigs Feet

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Pig’s feet are a southern and soul food specialty. They are usually purchased pickled or cooked in hot vinegar, as acidity bring out the best of their flavors. Pig’s feet are primarily eaten as a snack.

When you think about pork, the first cuts of meat to enter your mind are always your favorite. It isn’t until you really consider the pig that you realize how many meaty bits there are that you might be unfamiliar with. The feet of the pig are often over looked, but they hold a lot of culinary potential. For anyone whose mind goes straight to pig’s feet when they think of pork, they are familiar with the distinct flavor and texture that comes along with these little bits of goodness.

In America, pig’s feet are most frequently found in Southern cooking and in soul food. Outside of North America, pig’s feet can be found in Korean and Irish cuisines. Unless you are buying them fresh from your butcher, pig’s feet are usually found pickled, or occasionally cooked in a solution of vinegar and water. The acidic cooking process is credited for really bringing out the true flavors of the pig’s feet, a flavor that sets them a side from all the other parts of the hog. Pig’s feet are mostly consumed as a snack, and even considered a delicacy. 

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