Le Chatelain Camembert

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Le Chatelain Camembert is a cow’s milk cheese that has been in production in Normandy France since the late 18th century. This Brie is made with gently pasteurized milk although it was very carefully designed to resemble the flavors and complexities of an unpasturized Camembert cheese. This was done because shipping laws prohibit unpasturized cheeses that have been aged less then sixty days to enter some countries.

The paste of Le Chatelain Camembert is thick and luscious with a light salty flavor and an enjoyable mouth feel.

If you plan to include this Camembert as a part of your cheese platter, be sure to include fruit, nuts and lots of crispy baguette for ushering the goodness into your mouth.

If you are looking for a wine pairing, try a light red or champagne. In its home town of Normandy, this che

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