Pear Fruit Puree

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The pears in our puree are picked at the peak of their freshness. Pears are a popular choice when making sorbets and mousses. This puree makes the cooking process so much easier and quicker.

Pears are a popular choice for dessert, especially for authentic Italian dishes. Occasionally though, pears can be hard to find and are frequently of unpredictable quality. Instead of chancing your dessert turn to a more reliable and always delicious frozen puree.

Fold your pear puree into mousses or soufflé batters for delicious and sophisticated desserts. This puree is also the perfect base for sorbets and gourmet popsicles in the summer. If you are itching to use your pear puree in a savory dish try starting small and making a salad dressing for your spinach blue cheese and walnut combination. The cheese platter-esque flavors work very well together. It is also a wonderful addition to a marinade for chicken and lighter fish dishes that are missing a bit of fruity sweetness.

Keep a container of this puree behind your bar to help you mix up some new and exciting frozen cocktails. 

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