Gratte Paille

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Gratte Paille was invented in Seine-et-Marne in the 1970’s. Literally, its name translates into ‘scrape’ and ‘straw’, referencing the straw mats that help the cheese hold its shape while it ripens.

This cheese owes it’s intense and creamy texture to its triple cream status; a triple crème cheese contains  three times the normal ration of butter fat and is the highest level of ‘crème’ that a cheese can aspire to. Gratte Paille’s paste is pure white, and the natural rind is nearly twice as thick as you would expect from one of its kind, like Camembert.

Allow your cheese to reach room temperature before serving it, and its oily goodness will begin to loosen up, just waiting to be spread over baguette or crisp slices of fruit.

The consistency of Gratte Paille’s quality is astounding and very few other cheeses can touch its reputation. It’s been compared to kings of creamy cheeses like Pierre Robert and Brillat-Savarin. 

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