Pasteurized Raspberry Coulis

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A coulis is a traditional thick French sauce made from pureed and strained fruits or vegetables. A coulis is used to decorate sweet or savory dishes, in the case of this Raspberry Coulis, sweet dishes would be more appropriate, but not mandatory.

This coulis is bursting with the fresh and fruity flavors of raspberry, harvested at their peak of ripeness and immediately juiced, strained and pasteurized and then packaged up and sent into your homes. This sauce is probably the most versatile flavor available as you could pair it with basically any other flavor around. It would compliment chocolate, vanilla, another fruit flavor. Its texture goes well with cakes as well as ice creams. If you are feeling adventurous, an argument could even be made to use this as decoration for a salad plate. This coulis is shelf stable but once you open it, store any left over in an airtight container in the freezer. 

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