Papaya Fruit Puree

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Papayas are tropical fruits native to southern regions of the Americas. Their availability is limited but with fresh papaya puree, you can have beautiful sorbets, popsicles and marinades any time of the year.

Papayas are oblong yellow fruits surrounded by a thick green skin and filled with small round hard seeds. The flesh of a papaya is delicious and sweet, with a distinctive flavor common among tropical fruits. Papayas can often be hard to come by during off seasons or in certain parts of the world. Our frozen papaya puree is made from only the ripest and juiciest fruits and brings the flavor of beachy summers straight to your freezer. When the puree is frozen, the wonderful flavors and aromas are preserved, but so are the amazing health benefits of this fast growing super fruit.

Papayas are frequently used in savory dishes and contain an abundance of an enzyme that is excellent at breaking down protein. For this reason it’s a great addition to any marinade and will do double duty to impart a sweet fruity flavor as it tenderizes the meat.

Papayas are also naturally high in pectin and naturally superior ingredients for making jams jellies and chewy candies. 

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