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Garroxta is a goat’s milk cheese produced in the Catalonia region of Spain. It is still made in an artisanal fashion to ensure the perfect quality of each batch. On the outside, the wheels are coated in a grey mold, but inside lies a semi-soft and incredibly thick paste.

The flavor of Garroxta cheese will range once it hits your tongue. You’ll experience flavors from herbal and milky to nutty, to that classic goat’s milk tang.

As with any other goat cheese, Garroxta is a wonderful crumbly topping on any salad of fresh greens and vegetables. It also makes a beautiful addition to your cheese board with some crackers, nuts and dried fruits.

If you are looking for a wine pairing, Garroxta works well with a variety of sparkling wines, as well as Champagne. If you are serving it in a sweet preparati  

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