Nicoises Olives

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Nicoise olives are a small breed of black olives. They make a great addition to any savory Mediterranean style cheese tray and are commonly found in tapanades or Noicoise salads. They get their dark color because they are allowed to fully ripen on the vine before they are brined and preserved. Their flavor is rich with hints of nuttiness and the brine that they have been cured in.

Nicoise Olives are very versatile and make a great addition to any cheese platter with very little fuss, just a drizzle of olive oil and a spoon. Dishes that include Noicoise Olives are very traditional and authentic. Tapanade is a mixture of finely diced olives in oil with garlic and an assortment of other flavors; Noicoise olives are excellent for a dish like this. Another more specific preparation is the Noicoise salad, which can include boiled potatoes, tuna fish, red onions and green beans, but always and most importantly its name sake olives. The flavor of this salad is briny and very Mediterranean. 

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