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Floralie Farms has created a delicious Italian goat cheese with a tangy and herbaceous flavor. As it ages, the cheese is rubbed in herbs and the flavor infuses the entire log. A wonderful addition to any cheese platter.

This Floralie Farm Goat Log is created in the Veneto region of Italy. It has a tangy flavor, characteristic of a goat’s milk and since the cheese is rubbed with herbs while it is aged, there are also hints of floral and woodsy flavors running through out.

Goat’s milk cheeses are especially versatile; their spreadable texture and distinctive flavor make them recognizable in any dish.

Let a log of this beautiful Floralie Farm goat cheese stand alone as part of a cheese platter, with either sweet or savory accompaniments. For savory try slices of fresh heirloom tomato and baguette. For an after dinner platter, pair this goat cheese with Goat cheese is also a wonderful ingredient to have on hand for cooking. Spread some on rustic toasted bread and top with poached eggs and micro greens for a surprising brunch offering. For dinner, try filling pasta with a goat cheese and herb mixture. Boi

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