Morello La Frutiere Fruit Puree

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Cherries are sweet and tangy fruits, unfortunately only at their best during the summer. With our frozen cherry puree you can have the flavors, aromas and stunning color of cherry in your baked goods all year long. 

The sweet and tart flavors of cherries embody the feelings flavors and aromas of summer. Unfortunately, the cherry eating days of the year are too limited for most people’s liking. Our cherry puree is made using fresh cherries, picked at the peak of their juicy sweetness. The uses for cherry puree are endless and range from the sweet to the savory.

Use cherry puree to make jams and jellies, no matter what season it is. Even if cherries aren’t in your local market doesn’t mean they can’t be hidden away in your freezer. This puree is also perfect for someone who enjoys making ice creams and sorbets, the vibrant red color of cherry juice and the sweet and tart flavor make an excellent and unusual frozen dessert.

Try incorporating your cherry puree into dinner as well, adding some to salad dressings, or marinades for a sweet and fruity flavor. It’s also a great secret weapon to have behind a bar for making flawless and flavorful frozen cocktails. 

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