Mixed Mediterranean Blend Pitted Olives

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This combination of Mediterranean olives combines the textures of both green and black olives and the flavors of different regions and preparations. The salty briny and fruity flavors are excellent with a cheese platter.

If you have ever found yourself wondering what goes well with olives, the answer may surprise you with its simplicity, but, more olives.

The slight differences in brininess and fruitiness, the contrast between the meaty and firm green olives and the softer and more brine logged black olives in captivating and eating one olive always makes you want to eat another. This Mediterranean mix contains olives that have all been pitted for you, to make serving them and enjoying them straight out of the jar easier. This particular mixture is packed in olive oil and contains a variety of other complimentary spices that permeate the olives with different flavors.

Place a bowl of these olives out with a Mediterranean inspired cheese platter for lots of wonderful salty accents and the occasional fruity note. These olives also make a lovely topping for a Mediterranean appetizer, like sliced tomatoes with slices of di

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