Micro Dianthus

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There is nothing quite as beautiful or dramatic as an edible flower blossom on a plate. These Micro Dianthus blossoms are an eye catching shade pink, bordering on Fuchsia at times and are exceptionally tiny in size. They have a powerfully tart flavor and even though you may want to strew them all over your meal, less just might be more.

Never feel limited to savory dishes when you are cooking with flowers. Edible blossoms can bring beauty to entrees and appetizers, but the tang of micro Dianthus works especially well as a garnish for desserts and cocktails. 

Many people approach the practice of eating flowers as though it were an exotic cuisine all its own, but in reality, it’s very accessible. Flowers are safe for consumption more often then we think, and many times, it’s the way the flowers are handled that make them inedible. These Fresh Origins flowers have all been grown without any chemicals or pesticides that could be harmful to you and your dinner guests. 

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