Mango Fruit Puree

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Mangos are considered to be a tropical fruit with limited quality and availability in some area. This puree is wonderful for sweet and savory preparations like sorbets and sauces. Also try some in a frozen cocktail.

Mangos are large oblong fruits with long thin disk shaped pits in the center. The yield that these fruits give is often a little disappointing considering all of the work that goes into peeling them and separating the meat from the pit. They can also be hard to find in some areas and during times when they aren’t in season.

The mangos used in this puree have been picked at the peak of their quality and frozen to preserve their sweet tropical flavor and aroma.

Use your mango puree in sweet and savory preparations. Try chicken marinated in mango puree and spices with a mango sauce and sautéed vegetables. It also makes a great addition to any summery salad that is lacking a little sweetness. This mango pur

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