Lychee Nuts in Syrup

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Lychee nuts are small Asian fruits with a sweet syrupy flavor. They make an excellent addition to desserts when you are looking for a sweetening ingredient that’s more interesting then just sugar.

Lychees are small round fruits, with a thin dry skin that peels away to reveal a sweet white pulp. In their dried form, lychee fruits are referred to as lychee nuts. These lychee nuts have been packed in syrup. The exchange in sugars between the sweet fruits and the sweet syrup make both an excellent ingredient with a lot of depth of flavor.

These lychee nuts can be enjoyed fresh out of the can with a fork, or they can be used as a delicious and exotic garnish for tropical sorbets and ice creams, either sliced thin, chopped, or cooked down into a beautiful syrupy sauce.

To cook with lychees, be adventurous. Chop some Lychee nuts and add them to your favorite salad, green and leafy, or a creamy chicken salad that needs some sweetening. If you are making your own sweet and sour-esque dipping sauce, lychee nuts are the perf

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