Lychee Nut Fruit Puree

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Lychee is a fruit of Asian origin and can prove to be hard to find in some areas and outside of its growing season. Lychee puree is very sweet and adds a lot of great flavor to sorbets, marinades and cocktails.

Lychees are a predominately Asian fruit with a thin skin and a sweet white pulp. The sugary flavor and aroma of the Lychee is lost in the canning and drying processes so the fruits are usually eaten fresh. Frozen preparations have proven to be the loophole in maintaining the flavor and sweetness of the Lychee while still preserving its shelf life and durability.

Use lychee puree in marinades and salad dressings if you are looking for something with a more interesting sweetness then just sugar. Lychee puree also makes an excellent sorbet and doesn’t require much sugar to be added to the base. If you are interested in making soft chewy candies like pate de fruit Lychee is an excellent choice for its traditional sweetness surrounded by more complex flavors that intensify as it reduces.

Lychee is also becoming a more popular choice in many bars as a flavoring and sweetener for drinks, so keep this hands for your next party and wow your guests with some interesting new cocktails. 

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