Liquid Caramel

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This liquid caramel is smooth with lots of deep caramel flavor. Liquid caramel mixes well with other ingredients and can be transformed into a sauce or frosting, or even mixed into chocolate ice cream.

Caramel is the resulting product of sugar and heat. As the sugar browns, it liquefies and the flavor becomes intensely sweet and concentrated with hints of smokiness. The liquid caramel comes ready to use and has a smooth and deep caramel flavor. No matter what you plan to use your caramel for, this product will incorporate easily into any recipe.

Liquid caramel can be heated, and augmented with heavy cream and butter to create a luscious caramel sauce for using in pies, frostings and for saucing desserts and sundaes.

This caramel can be made into butter creams for decadent cupcakes or marbled into cheese cakes and frozen desserts for creamy streaks of rich sweet flavor. Try replacing the liquid sugar component of your recipe with this liquid caramel. It works well as

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