Lemon Fruit Puree Frozen

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Lemons are a common citrus fruit that bring a lot of zing and bright flavors to any dish. Use this puree in sweet or savory preparations and even incorporate it into frozen drinks and cocktails.

Lemons are a very popular and easily accessible citrus fruit. But when you need them in large quantities harvesting their juice and pulp becomes a tedious chore. Our lemon puree is made from fruit that has been picked at its peak of flavor, color and juiciness.  This lemon puree has countless applications in the kitchen in both sweet and savory dishes.

Use your lemon puree is salad dressings and marinades when fresh lemon juice isn’t on hand. Turn this puree into a thick and luscious curd for filling pies, tarts and layer cakes. Make sorbets quickly and easily and on a larger scale then you would usually be able to do using fresh fruit. Reduce the lemon puree with sugar and other ingredients and use your concoction to make soft candies.

This frozen lemon puree can also be your secret weapon behind the bar for making the best and more flavorful frozen cocktails and non alcoholic beverages. 

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