Lambrusco Wine Jelly

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Lambrusco Wine jelly is made from sweet Lambrusco wine. This jelly is the perfect addition to any cheese platter and is also very versatile in sweet and savory dishes.

In theory, a jelly can be made from just about any sweet liquid but few are brave enough to venture very far away from the standard fruits. This Lambrusco Wine Jelly is in essence a grape jelly, but it is tricky and adventurous and something so much more. Lambrusco wine is a sweeter variety of beverage, often considered to be an ‘easy drinking’ wine and is less expensive and more available then other kinds.

This jelly, made from sweet Lambrusco wine has a concentrated flavor and a smooth texture. Lambrusco wine jelly is truly the perfect addition to any cheese platter.  The tart and sweet flavors of wine are all present but the new and different texture allows the taster to have a completely different experience. Much more interesting than if they were eating the cheese with a drinkable wine.

Lambrusco wine jelly is excellent spread on buttered toast and is also handy to have around when an old pastry recipe needs an injection of new flavors. 

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