Creamy, Pierre Robert

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Pierre Robert cheese is a triple crème cheese made in the southern region of France. Its triple crème title means that during the cheese making process, extra cream was added to make the texture richer and creamier. The base of this cheese is the same as a Brillat-Savarin but one extra week of time spent aging in the Rouzaire caves has made a world of difference.

The rind of this cheese is velvety white and is not edible, but inside, the paste of the cheese has a whipped moussey texture. The flavor can be described as buttery with a slight, crème fraiche like tang.

This is not a cheese for cooking, but for enjoying. Use it as the center piece of your cheese platter when you really want to impress your guests with a bit of extravagance. It pairs well with breads and crackers for spreading and is delightful topped with a spoonful of honeyed walnuts. 

If you are looking for a wine pairing, champagnes and Muscat are both highly

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