Japanese Citrus Juice Kabosu Marugoto Shibori

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The Kabosu is a Japanese citrus fruit that closely resembles a yuzu. This juice has a combination of lemon, mint and melon flavors. It’s most popular usage is as a substitute for vinegar.

Kabosu Marugoto Shibori is the juice from the Japanese Kabosu citrus fruit. The Kabosu is a juicy green and yellow citrus fruit that resembles Yuzu. The flavor of this juice is lemony for the most part, but it has sweet and fresh notes, reminiscent of melon and mint.

Kabosu juice is very versatile, as most citrus flavors are. Use it in the kitchen for sweet or savory dishes, as well as behind the bar.

Many traditional Japanese dishes use Kabosu as a substitute for vinegar, so create rainbow cabbage slaws and salad dressings with this new kitchen staple. Add some to recipes that call for lemon juice for a whole new flavor profile. Kabosu curd tarts woul Kabosu is an excellent addition to any cocktail that originally calls for lemon or lime juice. The unique change in flavor will leave your friends confused and impressed. 

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