Hunter's Breakfast

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Breakfast may not seem like the meatiest meal of the day, but when you approach it from a hunters perspective, the possibilities are endless. This amazing package, aptly titled the Hunter's Breakfast contains a variety of breakfast meats that have you and your family jumping out of bed in the morning. Eight ounces of Smoked Wild Boar Bacon has all of the great qualities we love about bacon, like the crisp and the smoke, but with a slightly different flavor dwelling underneath. The Buffalo Breakfast Sausages have a maple seasoning that will take you back to childhood memories of your syrup spilling off your pancakes and into the rest of your breakfast and you pretending it was an accident. The pound of Smoked Elk Little Smokies are perfect for your littlest lumberjacks but delicious enough that even your most adult breakfast guests will love them. And finally, the full pound of double smoked Pork Bacon Slab is the ultimate in bacon enjoyment. You could whip up some scrambled eggs, or perhaps a batch of waffles with this House of Smoke breakfast, but it is not the most necessary thing in the world.

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