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Rich and meaty walnuts, already removed from their rough shells and cut into halves. These nuts are perfect for use in savory or sweet applications. They also make a classic addition to a cheese platter.

To see a walnut in its natural form and shell is to be presented with a challenge. The hard casing and bitter paper are both a hassle to remove from the moist and meaty flesh with in. Even if you enjoy cracking nuts, and find nostalgic comfort in the action, you would still not readily sign up to crack a few hundred no matter how good the pie promised to be.

Our shelled and halved walnuts are all put through quality control screening and the product you get is sure to be the freshest and best that we have to offer.

Walnuts are an incredibly versatile nut. Their savory oil makes them a great addition to salads and main courses while their sweet and firm flesh makes them perfect for desserts. A classic dessert preparation of walnuts is known as a Breton. The walnuts a

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