Guava Fruit Puree

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Guavas are tropical fruits native to South America. Their availability is limited but with fresh guava puree, you can have beautiful guava sorbet, popsicles and marinades any time of the year.

Guavas are tropical fruits native to Mexico and other Southern American countries. In the past few years, farmers in other tropical areas have started cultivating them, but even with the rise in production, they are not always available, especially not year round. To get your guava fix in the middle of the country, or just in the middle of the winter, our guava puree is made from only the freshest fruits, picked at their peak of flavor and juiciness.

The frozen puree has locked in all of the wonderful flavors and nutritional benefits of the guava fruit, making them almost as tasty and beneficial as eating the fruit fresh off the vine.

If you use your guava puree to make homemade sorbets and popsicles you’ll be delighted at how easy the whole process is once the fruit is broken down for you ahead of time. Guavas are frequently used in savory preparations in their native countries

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