Grilled Artichoke with Stem Packed In Vegetable Oil

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Small artichokes centers that includes the stem, the heart and the first few tender leaves, packed in olive oil. Use them in dishes with chicken or fish, or incorporate them into a tasty appetizer platter.

Artichokes tend to be a lot more work then they are worth. All of the most enjoyable bits are buried beneath a tent of only mildly satisfying foliage. Our artichoke centers are made up of just the most tantalizing bits, the heart, the soft tender interior leaves and of course, the stem. The stem is occasionally the unsung hero of the artichoke. It has a texture not unlike the heart, meaty and tender with lots of great artichoke flavor. Many people discard the stems with the outer leaves but they have been throwing away some of the best parts all along.

Our artichoke centers have been grilled and are packed in olive oil. Chop them up and use them for making beautiful and rustic chicken or fish dishes, with capers, lemon juice and white win. Or, quarter them and fan them out for a beautiful display on an appetizer platter. Don’t forget to use all of that fragrant olive oil for cooking as well. 

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