Green Olive Paste

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Green olives are firmer, meatier and slightly bitterer then black olives. Add this paste to all of your favorite pastas and sauces for a fresh and fruity kick of flavor and texture. Or, spread it on toast as an appetizer.

The color of green olives has nothing to do with their breed, but with the way they are processes. Green olives are picked before they are fully ripe, and then cured in a brining solution. They retain their young green color as well as their meaty firm texture. They can also get a reputation for being a bit bitter but in a pleasant savory way that works well with the salt from the brine.

Green olive paste is a concoction made from ground up green olives, any assortment or selection will do, along with olive oil, garlic, seasoning and spices and several other classic Italian ingredients. This paste is a wonderfully flavorful ingredient and can be used countless ways. Spreading a spoonful on a crostini is sometimes a good enough use of this delicious and savory spread, but other, more in depth recipes do exist. Add some of this paste to dips, pasta sauces, or vegetable soups. 

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