Green Apple Fruit Puree

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Green apples picked at the peak of freshness, pureed and frozen for easy use at any time in a number of different applications. Use pureed green apples in cakes and muffins, or in sweet and tart sauces.

The flavor and availability of apples peak in the late summer and leading in to the early fall. We make our green apple puree with only the ripest and freshest ingredients so you can be sure that you are getting a superior product. Our apple puree has countless applications in the kitchen and is like having an apple tree growing in your freezer.

Pureeing or juicing an apple is tedious and doesn’t always deliver a yield that is worth the effort. Our puree is great for use in smoothies and shakes or can be warmed up and combined with sugar and spices for a delicious apple sauce. For the weight conscious baker, naturally sweet fruit purees can stand in for the sugar and oil in all sorts of baked goods, from cakes to muffins. Any one who enjoys making ice creams and sorbets knows the value of a good, dependable puree that can deliver a punch of authentic flavor and will find a new favorite in our product.


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