Grade A Pine Nuts

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Grade A pine nuts are selected for their large size and their pure color and texture. Pine nuts are great used in sweet and savory dishes like pesto sauce and salads, or in cookies and cakes.

Pine nuts are the small, butter colors seeds of the mature pine tree. They are hand picked from the trees and sorted by size and purity into several grades. Grade A contains the purest and largest pine nuts, although despite their reputation as large, they are still very petite; 650-750 pieces make up 100 grams.

Pine nuts are a wonderful addition to sweet or savory dishes. Toast them lightly and add them to salads and pesto sauces for a hint of buttery piney flavor and a tender meaty texture.

Pine nuts are also popular in the pastry world. A signature Italian cookie called the Pinoli is made from a base of almond paste and almond flour, and then a scattering of pine nuts adorn the top. If you are using pine nuts for baking or in any applicatio

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