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The sausage is one of those culinary building blocks, and although it dates back hundred of years; it has continued to evolve in style and flavor. The rather simple idea of taking ground, spiced meat and fat and encasing it in natural and edible tubing is genius in its simplicity and versatility. Whether you like to slice and dice them, open them up and brown them or eat them on buns piled high with flavorful toppings, the ways to enjoy them are endless.  For any gourmand who likes getting in touch with the more rugged side of dining once in a while, while still remaining civilized  this assortment is perfect for whenever you feel like embracing the flavors of wild game and leaving that farm raised chicken for another day. The Game Sausage Sampler includes a pound each of Venison Summer Sausage, Buffalo Summer Sausage, Elk Summer Sausage and Wild Boar Summer Sausage. Each is unique and flavorful with a blend of spices that bring out the best in each meat. Serve them one at a time, using them in pasta dishes or sautéing them with peppers and onions for sandwiches. Or gather all of your favorite people around the grill for an adventure.

Products are shipped frozen.

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