Gold Pea Shoots

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Shoots are one of the first stages of a seedling’s growth; they consist of only a stem, thin roots and a few small leaves and possibly a flower bud. These Golden Pea Shoots are especially delicate and breathe taking. They are a popular choice for garnishing because of their beautiful long stems and tiny leaves.

Golden Pea Shoots are bursting with the flavor of fresh English peas; their sweetness and mild earthiness play well with most other ingredients, making them incredibly versatile. Try adding a handful of Golden Pea shoots to a delicate salad for an interesting new texture. Separate your thin strands of pea shoots carefully and use them to garnish anything, from seared fish, to chicken dishes, to big platters of savory appetizers. If you are interested in cooking with pea shoots, be sure to add them to the dish at the last moment, just as your guests are sitting down to eat. This ensures that your shoots will warm but not wilt and loose their texture. 

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