Gold Mung Shoots

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Shoots are one of the first stages of a seedling’s growth; they consist of only a stem, thin roots and a few small leaves and possibly a flower bud. These Golden Mung Bean shoots feature a pure white stem, topped with a small plume of bright yellow leaves. They are a nearly identical replacement for the more popular Pop Corn Shoot.

These shoots have a strong earthy flavor with lots of delicious vegetable like freshness. Their flavor is most comparable to that of Chinese Mung Beans. 

Golden Mung shoots are incredibly versatile and their wonderful flavors play well with most other ingredients. Try adding a handful to a green leafy salad for an infusion of unusual flavor and a bright snappy texture. These shoots are especially delicious in Asian dishes; at the very last minute, add a half cup to a stir fry or platter of sautéed vegetables. The shoots will have time to warm through but they will maintain their crispy texture.  

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