Gold Fava Shoots

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Shoots are one of the first stages of a seedling’s growth; they consist of only a stem, thin roots and a few small leaves and possibly a flower bud. These Golden Fava shoots have a tender white stem that diverges into several bright yellow leaves. The leaves are still rolled at the edges, showing how recently they emerged from the stem.

The stems are juicy and crisp while the leaves are tender and packed with flavor. Despite their small size, Fava shoots are packed with the true taste of mature Fava Beans.

Try adding a few handfuls of your Fava shoots to a salad to add lots of texture and some unexpected flavors. Fava shoots also make a wonderful garnish for all kinds of savory dishes, from red meat, to fish, to plates of sautéed vegetables and stir fries. Try using your fava shoots as a crisp bed for a piece of seared fish for an elegant presentation and a garnish that brings just as much flavor as it does beauty. 

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