Gold Edamame Shoots

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Shoots are one of the first stages of a seedling’s growth; they consist of only a stem, thin roots and a few small leaves and possibly a flower bud. These Golden Edamame shoots feature a bright yellow stem with a pod like form springing from its top. These been shoots are small, but pack a punch of true soy bean flavors. 

These Edamame shoots are quickly replacing tradition Edamame pods as an appetizer in upscale restaurants. Just as they can be enjoyed raw only a sprinkling of sea salt, they are delicious when incorporated into other dishes. Try adding a few handfuls of your Edamame shoots to a salad to add lots of texture and some unexpected flavors. Edamame shoots also make a wonderful garnish for all kinds of savory dishes, from red meat, to fish, to plates of sautéed vegetables and stir fries. Try using your Edamame shoots as a stunning garnish for seared fish, or an elaborate presentation of homemade sushi or sashimi. 

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