Goat Cheese Stuffed Olives

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These Green Sicilian Olives have been hand stuffed with a mixture of goat cheese, lavender and Fennel Pollen. They have an herbaceous flavor that tastes or anise and woods, with a creamy texture.

Stuffed olives are prevalent in many different cuisines, as a snack, a garnish or an ingredient. For each different stuffing, a different combinations of flavors or textures are selected. The little bits of savory or spicy filling completely change the experience one can enjoy while eating an olive.

These Green Sicilian Olives have been hand stuffed with a mixture of Lavender, Fennel Pollen and Goat cheese. Green olives have been picked before they are allowed to ripen, and immediately cured in brine. This results in a firmer texture and a slightly bitter flavor. The goat cheese is creamy, with tangy and salty flavors that can hold their own against the briny bitterness of the olive. The Fennel Pollen and Lavender flavors running though the cheese are aromatic and herbaceous. They add a woodsy flavor to the olive and leave you with traces of earthiness on your palate. The only element of these olives paralleled by flavor is texture. Upon hitting your tongue, the goat cheese begins to soften and ooze out from its little cave. The olive shocks your taste buds and the goat cheeses melts out to sooth and coat your entire mouth with creaminess.

Serve these Olives as part of a cheese tray, or to add another layer of interesting flavor, wrap them in puff pastry and bake until golden brown. Then they will be beautiful and substantial enough to serve as a passed appetizer. 

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