Gaeta Olives

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Gaeta Olives, also called Gyeta Olives are a small breed of Italian black olives. They are black because they were allowed to fully vine ripen before they are cured. Gaeta Olives can be cured in one of two ways, either dry resulting in a wrinkled skin, or in brine which gives them a smooth plump skin.

Either way Gaeta olives are incredibly healthy, rich in antioxidants and anti inflammatory compounds.

Gaetaolives are very versatile in the kitchen. They provide a slightly sour and salty compliment to countless other Italian ingredients. They go well in salads and appetizers, accompanied by tomatoes, hard Italian cheese and a healthy drizzle of olive oil. They are also excellent in pasta dishes, but remember that if they are heated for too long, olives will become bitter. For this reason, try to add your olives at the last minute and only warm them through with the heat of the dish. 

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