Fried Spanish Marcona Almonds

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Marcona almonds from the coast of Spain are nutty and buttery in flavor and texture. They are a highly desirable nut in the culinary community and make a brilliant addition to any dish, sweet or savory.

Macona Almonds grow all along the coast of Spain, from Malagato Tarranoga. Their sweet and nutty flavor and their superior texture make them highly desirable. They are the most sought after almost by chefs who know exactly what they want. These nuts have been fried, giving them a crispy outer texture, but not disturbing the meaty flesh of the almond that lies with in,

These nuts are perfect for sweet or savory applications. Use them to crust fish or chicken for an immense change in flavor and texture. They are lovely in a salad, whole, or chopped very roughly just to break into their oils and aromas.

For sweet applications, they make a lovely addition to pies and cookies. They are beautifully shaped and would make a lovely decoration for any cake. Alternatively, sugar, roast or chocolate coat them and use them as a lovely decoration for your table.

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