Fresh Sliced Foie Gras - 6 Pc

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In French, Foie Gras literally means ‘fat liver’ and can be taken from either ducks or geese. The liver of these animals is so rich and fatty due to the extremely decedent all corn diet that these animals live on. The texture of grade A Foie Gras is dense and firm with a buttery smoothness and a silky sheen.

This Foie Gras has already been sliced for you and is ready to prepare and enjoy. Classic French recipes for Foie Gras are usually simple, as this amazingly rich ingredient doesn’t need a lot of help to shine. Half inch slices can be pan seared on each side and served hot on toast points for a meaty buttered-bread like effect.

Foie Gras is also commonly pulverized into a paste and served as pate, a delicious spread or topping for canapés. The pate can also be whipped into a mousse. This contradiction of heavy flavors and fats in a light and airy mousse is always a crowd pleaser. 


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