Duck Leg Confit - 6 Pieces - 2.5 Lb Avg

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The confit cooking process is an involved and time consuming project for any chef, amateur or professional to take on, especially in their home. To confit a piece of meat, it must be fully submerged in rendered fat and cooked slowly over several hours. Although the definition of confit has expanded to include things cooked slowly while submerged in oil, these duck legs are prepared in the authentic French manner.

If you find yourself short on time, space, or know how, these professionally cooked duck legs are the perfect way to fool your friends into thinking you’re a wizard in the kitchen.

This package contains six legs, all fully cooked and ready to be unpackaged and gently reheated.  If you are looking for a wine pairing to accompany this duck at your next dinner party, reds and whites could both work, try a Burgundy of either color for a guaranteed success.   

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