Dried Zante Currants

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Zante Currants are the dried counterparts of the Black Corinth Grapes.They are very versatile and go well in sweet and savory dishes. Common preparations include salads, scones and muffins.  

The Zante Currant is the dried counterpart of the seedless Black Corinth grape. These fruits are smaller than red or green grapes and have sweet berry like flavor. Zante Currants are not related to black or red currants, which actually are berries.

These small dark fruits have endless culinary applications, in both sweet and savory dishes. Add a handful of Zante Currants to hot or cold cereals, to salads or rice and risotto dishes for an extra zing of sweetness and a pleasantly chewy texture.

When baking with Zante Currants, you can use them as a more interesting alternative any where you would usually use raisins, or even dried cranberries. They are popular in muffins and scones and also make a wonderful addition to breads. Currants can be re

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