Dried Sweet Corn

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Dried corn is not popping corn, but traditional corn kernels that have been dried out and cracked. The flavor is sweet and intense and they are delicious as a snack or used in a meal.

The image our minds create when we hear about dried corn is something similar to popping corn, but it’s very different. People have been drying corn, cut straight off the cobs, in the sun for hundred of years. The resulting product is crunchy, similar to wheat germ and has a sweet concentrated flavor.

Dried sweet corn is an excellent snack by the handful and makes a lovely addition cereal granola or trail mix. The kernels of corn are cracked, or slightly broken to keep the size down and make them easier to eat.

Recipes including dry corn aren’t always main stream, but there are lots of delicious soups and casseroles that can be made without even needed to re-hydrate your dry corn. Dried corn also makes a great jumping off point when you would like to make

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