Dried Peaches

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Peaches, a summer time fruit, are picked at the peak of ripeness and preserved for enjoyment all year round. Use them as snacks or in salads, or rehydrate them to make pies cakes and sauces even in the dead of winter.

The dog days of summer, unbearable as they may be, are easily redeemable when you consider that these are the days and nights when the peaches are so ripe that they are practically falling off the trees. However, if none of them happen to fall into your hands, don’t cry too hard. Our peaches are picked at the peak of freshness and seasonality and dried quickly.

The flavors of these peaches preserved and intensified, locked up inside their thin skins, just waiting for someone to bite into them and bring summer back for a moment.

These peaches make an excellent snack, and are more durable then fresh fruit for on the go munching. They are delicious chopped up and baked into cakes and pies. Try re-hydrating them in a sauce pan of water or liquor, cooked down a bit with some sugar an

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