Dried Medjool Dates

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Medjool dates are native to North Africa and the Middle East. They are allowed to dry on the vine as part of their ripening. Use them is sweet or savory dishes for a punch of fruity flavor and an enjoyable chewy texture.

The date is the fruit of date palm tree which is most common throughout Northern Africa and the Middle East.  Date fruits are almost always found dried, that is because allowing these fruits to sun dry on the vine is considered to be the final stage of ripening.

Dates are incredibly healthy and flavorful, with a plump and juicy texture and a fruity flavor that could easily be used in sweet or savory applications.

Dates are delicious chopped up and sprinkled over your hot or cold cereal; they also make a chewy and sweet addition to any salad. They also make a flavorful accent to rice and risotto dishes, stick to other Middle Eastern flavors and ingredients for an a Try incorporating some chopped dates into bread dough or muffin mixes. If you re-hydrate these fruits they make an excellent filling for tarts and rolled cookies. 

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