Dried Mango

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Dried mango locks in all of the beautiful flavors, color and health benefits of fresh mango. These fruit snacks are perfect for trail mix or try rehydrating the slices for sweet and savory cooking

Mangos are large oblong fruits, surrounded by a thick and waxy green skin and at the center; they contain a large flat disk shaped pit. Their flesh is a beautiful orange color with a mix of tender and fibrous meat. This fruit responds incredibly well to being dried and retains its gorgeous golden color and most of its health benefits.

Use your dried mango as a simple snack with a lot of great tropical flavor. Try chopping it up small and using it in a trail mix for a burst of bright and sunny flavor in each handful. If you have any recipe that calls for the use of dried fruit, like baked goods or sweet sauces, try substituting chopped mango for a different texture and lots of tropical exotic flavor.

Several recipes for mango sauces and salsas call for starting with dried mango and rehydrating it in the juices of the other ingredients. This would make a flavorful addition to any fish or chicken dish. 

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