Dried Kiwi

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Kiwis are a tropical fruit that can be hard to find in some areas. These kiwis are picked at the peak of freshness and dried to preserve flavor and nutritional benefits. Great addition to salads, cereals and muffins. 

Kiwi fruits are tropical and indigenous to warmer regions. If you happen to live in an area with a less then beachy weather pattern, then dried kiwis are a perfect way for you to enjoy the tart and fruity goodness of summer all year round.

Our kiwis are picked at the peak of freshness and are dried to preserve their superb flavor and healthy nutritional benefits. A handful of chopped dried kiwi is a perfect addition to morning cereal or a bag of granola. Try slivers in an adventurous salad for a tropical sweetness after you’ve exhausted cranberries or raisins. Bake a handful into muffins and top with coconut crumble, or incorporate some into a fruit cake for a surprisingly fresh and summery taste even in the dead of winter. If you want to enjoy your kiwis as an ice cream topping or in a fruit salad, try re-hydrating them in some water or even liquor for an interesting flavor combination. 

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