Dried Guava

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Guava is a tropical fruit that can be hard to find in other areas. The Guava fruits are picked at the peak of ripeness and dried to preserve their flavor and nutritional benefits. Use Guava in sweet or savory preparations.

Guavas are quickly becoming one of the most well known super fruits in the health community. Guavas are low in fat but high in vitamins, minerals and cancer preventing antioxidants and flavonoids. Unfortunately, they are only available year round in tropical areas. If you live outside of the tropics, they can be shipped in but quality and quantity are limited.

Instead of making you wait to enjoy your Guava once a year when it is in season, we have harvested tons of ripe Guava fruits and dried them for enjoyment any time of year. The drying process helps the fruits retain their nutritional values and their delicious flavor.

Once you have your Guavas, their uses are endless. Use them in the dried form they arrive in, or re-hydrate them in water or liquor for lots of different options. Slice them into salads, or use them in sweet preparations, like homemade jams, pies, and sau

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