Dried Diced Pineapple

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Dried Pineapple slices are very versatile. Add them to trail mixes, muffins or cookie batters. Try pairing them with other tropical flavors for an unexpected summery dessert even during the winter.

Dried fruits are incredibly versatile; they maintain strong flavors and valuable nutrients with the added benefit of an almost indefinite shelf life. Once his dried diced pineapple is in your pantry, it will be finding its way into all sorts of dishes.

First and foremost, dried pineapple is great for snacking on, alone or as part of a trail mix in need of brightening up. Your dried pineapple can also be used as a garnish for frozen desserts, or stirred right in to give the creamy texture some chewy chunks.

If you enjoy baking, try adding some dried pineapple to muffin and cookie batters, add some toasted coconut flakes and dried cherries for an interesting combination of flavors and textures. 

Dried pineapple can also be used in savory dishes as well. Add pieces to dried fruit chutney to top fire grilled chicken or pork dishes for a tropical fruity flavor. 

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