Dried Crystallized Ginger

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Ginger is a strong and spicy root vegetable, much milder and sweeter in its dried and crystallized form. Add it to salads and trail mix, or re-hydrate it to add to sauces.

Ginger is a strong and spicy root vegetable that can sometimes be an overpoweringly flavorful ingredient. In its crystallized or candied form, the bite of ginger is mellower and the flavors behind the heat are accented by the sweetness.

Keep your crystallized ginger around the house as a snack, the health benefits of ginger are innumerable and a little bit each day is the best way to get the most out of it. Cubes of crystallized ginger make a great addition to a trail mix in need of some bright flavors. Try to julienne your ginger and add it to a salad for a spicy chewy combination.

If you want to cook with the flavors of ginger, try re-hydrating a few slices in some water over low heat. The water will be flavorful, the ginger will be soft and the sugars will help to thicken the mixture. Then feel free to turn it into a sweet sauce f

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