Dried Cranberry

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Dried cranberries are a great addition to salads, trail mixes and cereals. They can also be re-hydrated for a classic preparation of cranberry sauce. The drying process locks in all the flavor and nutritional benefits.

Cranberry’s most popular application is in a delicious and seasonal jelly or sauce. However if you have ever gotten your hands on some raw cranberries you were probably disappointed.  They are hard and very tart. However, our dried cranberries, always picked at the peak of freshness, have a super concentrated tart and fruity flavor, coupled with a chewy yet tender texture. They are excellent for snacking by the handful and for use in home made trail mixes. They add a bit of tart flavor to hot or cold cereals and can be added right to the batter when making muffins or breads. Dried cranberries are also delicious added to a salad, classically coupled with spinach, goat cheese, walnuts and balsamic vinaigrette.

If you are in pursuit of your own amazing home made cranberry sauce, dried cranberries can be re-hydrated in water or liquor and sweetened or seasoned to your liking. 

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