Dried Cantaloupe

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Cantaloupe is a sweet and tender melon with great flavor and many health benefits that come from eating it. This dried melon is sweet and chewy with lots of the same flavors as fresh, but much more intense.  

Fresh cantaloupe has a distinct sweet melon flavor. Its dried counterpart is something that truly needs to be experienced by any cantaloupe lover. The drying process occurs at the peak of the melons freshness. All of the wonderful health benefits are locked inside. The flavor is concentrated as the water is removed and all of the sweet flavors come together and intensify for a delicious, but still not over powering fruity experience.

Dried cantaloupe is best enjoyed as a snack or as part of a trail mix. However, it’s a very versatile texture, not unlike other dried fruits and if you enjoy cooking with fresh cantaloupe, you would be highly recommended you experiment with this superior dried product. Dried cantaloupe can be re-hydrated like any dried fruit and used as ice cream topping, salad dressings and sauces. Or, simply slice it up thin and use it to give a salad or cereal a little something extra. 

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